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Frequently Asked Questions

What is QR Dex?
QR Dex is a QR code generator that allows you to create and customize QR codes. Our platform offers both free and paid plans to suit your needs.
What features are available in the free plan?
The free plan allows you to generate QR codes with custom text. You can download these QR codes for free.
Do the free QR codes expire?
No. The free QR codes are valid forever.
Can I edit a free QR code later?
No, once you have generated a free QR code, it is not editable. Editing is available only with a paid plan.
What additional features do I get with the paid plan?
The paid plan includes the ability to add images or logos to your QR codes, detailed tracking and analytics, dynamic QR codes that allow you to change the destination URL anytime. Plus, you can create various types of QR codes including URL, Phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Wi-Fi, and Email QR codes to meet all your needs.
How does the tracking feature work?
The tracking feature, available with the paid plan, provides detailed statistics on the number of scans, the locations from which the QR codes were scanned, and the dates of the scans.
Why should I sign up for a paid plan?
A paid plan allows you to edit where the QR code points to, track the number of scans, and add logos or images to your QR codes.
Can I update the destination URL of my QR codes?
Yes, with the paid plan, you can change the destination URL of your QR codes at any time without needing to generate a new QR code.
How secure are my QR codes?
We take your security seriously. All QR codes generated through our platform are stored securely. However, please note that we do not have control over the URL you choose to point your QR codes to.
Have more questions?
If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@bluejay.io.

Why should you signup for an account?

Up to 50 QR codes

Efficiently create and manage up to 50 QR codes collaboratively with your team to enhance your marketing and operational capabilities.

Branded QR codes

Enhance brand consistency across all campaigns by customizing your QR codes with your logo and brand colors.

Multiple QR Types

Choose from URL, Email, Phone, SMS, WhatsApp, and Wi-Fi QR codes to streamline interactions and boost engagement effortlessly.

Instant updates

Update your QR code destinations in real-time, perfect for changing promotions or information at events without needing to reprint or redistribute new QR codes.

Track your Scans

Monitor your QR codes' performance with real-time scan tracking, enabling you to optimize and enhance your marketing strategies effectively.

Up to 5 users

Empower your team by inviting up to 5 members to collaborate seamlessly on your QR code projects. Enhance productivity and streamline access for everyone involved.

Signup today and start with a 7 day trial.